A bread lovers paradise.

Handcrafted artisan rustic breads—French & Ryes.

Healthy sourdoughs and contemporary whole wheat, 9-grain and white sandwich breads.

European Rye, Flax and Kaiser Buns

Specialty Bakery Deli Rye


Hearth loaves are made the traditional way—proofed through slow fermentation and artisanal hearth baking.

Specialty Bakery’s high nutrient Ryes are baked fresh daily. Whole or sliced. Made with the finest ingredients—wheat and rye flours milled in Canada, our own sourdough starter, sea salt, 100% canola oil and the minimum of preservatives.



No dairy, no oils, no sweeteners

Specialty Bakery's Sourdough
Specialty Bakery Sourdough White

Amazingly light with a tang of sourdough, this bread is about as Specialty Bakery Kelowna - Sourdough Sandwich Breadnatural as you get.   Easy to digest, superior taste and texture.  Nutritious too!

Made with our own sourdough culture—no flavour enhancers or emulsifiers.

Specialty Bakery Kelowna - Sourdough Rye
Specialty Bakery Sourdough Rye


No Dairy. No Yeast. No Oil. No sugar.

Healthy flakes of wheat, oats, wheat bran, barley, rye, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds and wheat germ.


8361SeedBreadSoft with a tender golden crust— beautifully shaped.



Semilina. Italian.  European.  Flax.  Winnipeg Rye. Kaisers

Hots & Hams for the classic backyard BBQ

Specialty Bakery Kelowna - White Hamburger Buns
Specialty Bakery Hamburger Buns

The classic sandwich bread.

  White, whole wheat , rye and multi-grain.

Artisan Bread
Specialty Bakery Artisan Bread