Our vision

is to be the Okanagan Valley’s

leading food-service bakery brand

known for

delivering quality and value.

Specialty Bakery Kelowna
Our modern 10,000+ square foot automated commercial bakery.

Being a leading brand means

  • Using only the finest of ingredients and the minimum of preservatives.
  • Offering a unique selection of high quality breads and rolls.
  • Looking for ways to increase our large volume customer’s competitive advantage through offering custom baked products unique to their establishments.
  • Catering to our institutional customer’s needs through providing higher yield breads at a fair market price.
  • Having a regular and reliable delivery schedule to ensure our customers fresh products, on time, every time.

Locally owned and operated since 1983, you’ll find Specialty Bakery’s breads, buns and pastries in many of the valley’s best restaurants, delicatessens, bistros, golf courses, food retailers, senior residences, colleges and street vendors.

We understand that restaurants succeed when they serve really good food—we want to help you with that!

Your success is our success!

Whether you’re placing a warm bread basket on the table before a meal or you’re a street side vendor catering to the casual eater, freshly baked buns and bread served as part of your signature dish is sure to establish your place as a customer favourite.

Specialty Bakery Kelowna Kaiser Bun

They say the bun makes the burger.

It’s true!

Tender with a tight soft crumb and a touch of sweetness; white and brown hot dog and hamburger buns, white and brown 7″ and 9″ sub buns— 12″ sesame sub buns—8″ sourdough sub buns are a crowd pleaser.

Dinner rolls.

Flax. Italian. Rye. Semil. Kaisers. Ciabatta.

Specialty Bakery Kelowna Buns

Baked in a rotating convection oven with a consistent temperature guarantees each and every bun we deliver is evenly baked to perfection.

What’s a meal without bread?

Specialty Bakery Kelowna Rye Bread

Ryes. Hand crafted, baked to perfection in our special hearth oven.

Specialty Bakery Kelowna

Crusty crunchy top with a soft chewy center, perfect for deli and breakfast sandwiches.

Artisan Breads.

No Sugar. No Yeast. No Dairy. No Fats.

Specialty Bakery Kelowna Gluten Free
Specialty Bakery’s Gluten Free Bread

Try our Gluten Free Bread!

We make over 80 varieties of bread!  Just ask for your specialty bread, we probably make it.  We do regularly make Sourdough Bowls, Foccacia Slabs,  French Bread, 100% Ryes and Winnipeg Ryes.

Sandwich Breads

When you’re running a large kitchen every dollar counts.  Our 9-grain, sourdough, marble rye, white and brown squared off sandwich breads come in 908gram loaves.  You get more out of your loaves which means a better bottom line. Our squared off sandwich loaves are larger and longer than many other popular commercial brands.

Our loaves are delivered whole or sliced to your specification—1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″,1″—packaged fresh and securely in excellent condition by our own drivers.

Our famous bread is also made into crumbs and sold in 1 and 10 pound boxes.

We’re more than bread.

We’re Cinnamon buns.  Donuts.  Kelownuts. Apple Fritters. Apple Strudel. Cheese Pockets. Muffins. Cakes. Slices.

Regular. Reliable. Delivery Service.

If our bakery products are not mouth watering enough how about having our fresh breads, rolls and pastries delivered right to your door?

Our drivers have a regular delivery schedule from Monday through Saturday so you have one less thing to worry about when running your kitchen.

For added convenience, our wholesale outlet is open Monday through to Saturday from 6:30am to 5:30pm for on-site customer pickup.

We want to be your partner in success.

Contact Brent at 250-765-5822 for a specific quote or to enquire about our entire product line.