Time Magazine named it one of the best inventions of 2013. In 2013 it was named breakfast of the year by London’s on-line magazine Timeout. In 2015 it was reported as the best thing to eat in London England.


Kelownut Specialty Bakery Kelowna


Because fusing buttery flaky croissant pastry with a deep-fried doughnut, injecting it with vanilla cream then coating it with a sugar glaze is pretty much awesome!


The craze for this classic tasting glazed doughnut with layers that peel apart started in a New York bakery as a “CRONUT”.  To this day people line up for hours just to get them. Well you don’t have to line up or go to New York to get these one of these delicious treats because they are available right here in Kelowna at Specialty Bakery.  Our version, called KELOWNUTS, are freshly made every morning and on our bakery shelves’ by 7:00 am. at both our retail store on 133 Hollywood Road and in our Bakery Bistro on 833 Finns Road.


“Don’t ever have one of these…you’ll never, ever be the same.”

“Oh my ….the best treat ever 1/2 donut 1/2 croissant”

Next time you have a craving for awesome, or you feel the need to share the love of Kelownuts with your pals, stop by Specialty Bakery and pick up a half a dozen. You will be popular.