Tuesday, August 27
Special #1. Ginger Beef on Rice – Crispy beef strips, rice, veggies and ginger beef sauce. $13.99

Special #2. Cuban Pork Sandwich – Sliced centre cut pork, lettuce, tomato and drizzled with DijonAise, all served up on a freshly baked Semilina Bun $9.29

Poutine of the Week – Cheesy Bacon Guacamole -Our classic poutine topped with bacon, cheese curds, shredded cheese, Guacamole and topped with green onions. $9.99

Salad of the Week – Cobb Salad – Mixed greens, chicken, back bacon, cheese, corn tomatoes, eggs with Ranch or Jalapeno Ranch dressing. $12.99

Soups – Cream of Cauliflower or Beef Mushroom
Our Soups include your choice of one of our Freshly Baked Buns

Come join us for Saturday’s for our Very Popular Breakfast Buffet from 7:00am till 1:15