Thursday, October 12
Special #1 – Pork Schnitzel – Pork Schnitzel topped with a creamy mushroom sause. Served with braised cabbage, and your choice of mashed potato’s or French Fries. $13.99

Special #2. – Buffalo Chicken Wrap – Chicken with Hot Sauce, Sweet Hot Peppers, Letuce, Tomato and Mixed Cheese Blend all wrapped up in a Tortilla Wrap $7.99
Add Soup, Salad or Fries for $3.00

Poutine of the Week -Thanksgiving Poutine -Our Classic Poutine of Fries and Cheese Curds topped with Turkey Stuffing, Peas and Cranberry Mayo. $9.99

Salad of the Week – Crispy Chicken -Mixed Greens topped with Crispy Chicken & Sriracha Sauce & Roasted Vegetables. $12.99

Soups – French Onion or Cream of Potato with Bacon
Our Soups include your choice of one of our Freshly Baked Buns