Breakfast Menu – Every Day – Monday – Friday

Service Starts at 7:00 AM

Full Breakfast Deal – 2 Eggs served with Hash Browns, 2 Pieces of Toast and your choice of Bacon, Ham or Sausage.  $12.99

Bistro Wrap – Scrambled Eggs with Peppers, , Lettuce, Cheese and Salsa, served in a Tortilla Shell.  $6.99

Breakfast Sandwich – Fried Egg, Bacon & Cheese.  $6.49

Thursday, November 5


–  Sweet Chili Crispy Chicken Burger – Crispy chicken strips, topped with a

Sweet Chili Sauce, on a Freshly Baked Cheese Bun.  Includes your choice of Soup or Fries.  $14.99

Grilled Ham, Cheese & Tomato Sandwich – Served on your choice of our Freshly Baked Bread.  Includes your choice of Soup or Fries.   $12.99

Today’s Soup

Vegetable Coconut Curry – Bowl  $5.99,   Cup $4.99

Our Soups are served with a Freshly Baked Bun