Specialty Bakery

Bistro Special

Monday OCTOBER 224, 2022.


          Beef Barley

           Cream Of Broccoli

           Ham and Potato.  You have to try this we put some extra vegetables in this soup made by our kitchen staff.


Italian Sausage Linguine.  This sauce is great with celery and sausage topped with parmesan cheese.  Then we add a slice of our in house garlic French bread.


Today on the menu for eat in house by the 1/2 of a 10″ pie:  Ham and Pineapple $8.50, Vegetarian $8.50,House Special $13.75. 

You can also call in one hour ahead and pick up a full pizza to take out. 

Ham and Pineapple 8″ $14.00 10″ $16.75,

Pepperoni and Mushroom 8″ $15.75 10″ $17.50

Pepperoni 8″ 13.75 10″ $15.75,

Vegetarian 8″ $14.00 10″ $16.75

 House Special. 8″ $16.75 10″ $19.75 

Phone 250 765-4437.

Please have credit card available when ordering.

Try an order of the Cavendish Onion Rings, only  $5.75.

Order ahead and we will have it ready to eat in or take out.

Phone 250-765-5822 

BISTRO  is open for Breakfast from 7:00 AM until 11:00 AM and lunch until 2:00 PM.